Color Inspiration for Your Apartment: Three Great Suggestions

apartment decorating tips

If there is one thing that makes your house a home, it's putting your personal touch on it. The greatest way to incorporate yourself into your apartment design is by adding pops of color here and there. Color inspiration for your apartments: Check out these three great suggestions: A subtle but impactful way to add color to your space is by … [Read more...]

How to Take Great Pictures On Your Vacation This Summer

photography tips

Leaving your apartment for the vacation of a lifetime? Don’t forget to grab everything you need to take great pictures. Remember these vacation photo tips to ensure your pictures come out their best. Carry Extra – Before you head out make sure you have extra. Pack a second or third memory chip so that you don’t end up having to delete any … [Read more...]

Love the Beach? Get a Coastal Design Look

coastal design tips

Your apartment design is really up to your sense of style, though you may have some discerning features within your space to work with. If you really love the beach, why not take that personal inspiration and use it to give your apartment a bit of a coastal design look? You don’t have to be near the beach to enjoy the beach lifestyle. Use these tips from … [Read more...]

Tips for Keeping the Temperature Down Without Running the Air Conditioning

apartment cooling tips

One of our amazing apartment amenities in our The Savoy Apartments is that it comes standard with air conditioning. The problem is air conditioning contributes to the earth’s climate change and your electricity bill. These green living tips will keep your home cooler this summer. Block out the sun with blackout drapes or wooden shutters. Coat … [Read more...]

See the City From the Air at SkyView Atlanta

skyview atlanta

Our Atlanta apartments boast excellent apartment and community amenities. There are many things to do in Atlanta during summer if you want to explore the city. One is taking in breathtaking views from 20 stories above Centennial Olympic Park. SkyView Atlanta gives you a breathtaking view of Atlanta from a Ferris wheel. It features 42 … [Read more...]

Easy Tips for Making Your Bathroom Safer

bathroom safety tips

Apartment living in Atlanta is a whole lifestyle unto itself, but like living anywhere else there are things you should do to make your home safe. One of the most dangerous areas of any home is the bathroom. Slips, falls and any number of accidents happen each year in the bathroom. Heat Adjustment – You can adjust the water temperature on the water … [Read more...]

Tips for Saving Energy When You Have to Run the Air Conditioning

Tips to save on your electric bill

Summer has arrived and you are probably feeling the heat. There are ways you can enjoy this summer and save on your electricity bill, simply by developing a few green living tips. During the night you do not need the same level of temperature as you do during the day. Turn your air conditioner unit up during the night. If your air conditioning unit … [Read more...]

Take the Kids for Some Fun at the Summer Fun Festival

summer fun festival in atlanta

Summer is the time to head outdoors and have some fun. There are barbeques, camp fires, and lazy days by the pool. However, if you head out into the community, you will find that there are some great Atlanta summer festivals you can enjoy as well. Take the kids out for some fun at the Summer Fun Festival. It is a great way to spend quality time with the … [Read more...]

Moving Solo? Three Tips to Help You Get Home Safely

Moving tips

Our luxurious Savoy apartment community is a great place for you to call your new home. Perks include great things to see and do near the apartments and many fine amenities right there on the premises you can partake in. Of course, you will want to have as smooth of a move as possible. For the best experience and to get to your new home safely, utilize these … [Read more...]

Get Delicious Flavor at the Miller Union Restaurant

miller union in atlanta

One of the best parts of settling into our luxurious Savoy apartment community is that you have access to some of the finest places right nearby. This includes some of the best Atlanta restaurants that the state of Georgia has to offer. With that being said, if you are hungry and craving really good food but aren't in the mood to cook in at home, why not get … [Read more...]