How Sitting In Traffic Can Make You Smarter

best podcasts

Whether it’s the commute to work or a lengthy road trip, there are only so many times you can listen to whatever local radio stations are broadcasting over and over again. And even those choices may be limited out on the open road. We have collected a few podcasts that might enlighten you and pass time on those long trips. Star Talk, presented by … [Read more...]

Strolling Or Learning, the Atlanta Arts Festival Is Free & Fun

Atlanta Arts Festival 2014

If you're looking for late Atlanta summer festivals to enjoy once Labor Day is over, then check out the Atlanta Arts Festival for a free day out on Saturday or Sunday, September 13th or 14th. The Arts Festival takes place in Piedmont Park on the second weekend after Labor Day every year and is devoted to bringing artists from all over the United States into … [Read more...]

Find Out Why “The General Muir” Was Named Restaurant Of The Year

The General Muir in Atlanta

One of the best things about living at our luxurious The Savoy apartment community is that there is a lot to see and do close by. If dining out is a top priority for you, the number of great restaurants near our Atlanta apartments should certainly appeal to you. If you are looking to eat at what has been named restaurant of the year in Atlanta, then look no … [Read more...]

Tips for Pulling Off a Road Trip This Summer

road trip tips

Of all the different types of vacations you can take, a good old road trip is still one of the best. If you are heading out with your car, then there are some road trip tips you can take advantage of. Try these tips for pulling off a wonderful road trip this summer: Before you hit the open road, be sure to get a thorough check of your car. Nothing … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Apartment? Here’s How to Get the Most Space

apartment organization tips

You never seem to have enough space for all your stuff, especially when you are pressed for space. Here are some apartment organization tips you can follow to utilize the space effectively. Use nesting tables: They can be collapsed to maximize space or expanded when visitors come over. The bookshelf: Place books so that their spines face away from … [Read more...]

Find a Delicious Breakfast at the Sun In My Belly Cafe

Brunch in Atlanta

There is nothing more relaxing than starting your day with a beautiful breakfast out. There are many breakfast spots in Atlanta that  you can choose from. If you are heading out for breakfast, there is one great spot that we love. Find a delicious breakfast at the Sun in My Belly Café. If you want a fun place to enjoy a fantastically prepared meal, then … [Read more...]

Visit an Atlanta Classic This Summer: the World of Coke

World of Coca Cola

It's hard to think of a brand that is more American and screams summer more than Coca-Cola.  Our Atlanta apartments are located not far from the World of Coca-Cola, where you can experience everything Coke.  Here is just a sampling of what you can expect at the World of Coca-Cola: Coke's history: If you're interested in Coca-Cola's history, The … [Read more...]

Color Inspiration for Your Apartment: Three Great Suggestions

apartment decorating tips

If there is one thing that makes your house a home, it's putting your personal touch on it. The greatest way to incorporate yourself into your apartment design is by adding pops of color here and there. Color inspiration for your apartments: Check out these three great suggestions: A subtle but impactful way to add color to your space is by … [Read more...]

How to Take Great Pictures On Your Vacation This Summer

photography tips

Leaving your apartment for the vacation of a lifetime? Don’t forget to grab everything you need to take great pictures. Remember these vacation photo tips to ensure your pictures come out their best. Carry Extra – Before you head out make sure you have extra. Pack a second or third memory chip so that you don’t end up having to delete any … [Read more...]

Love the Beach? Get a Coastal Design Look

coastal design tips

Your apartment design is really up to your sense of style, though you may have some discerning features within your space to work with. If you really love the beach, why not take that personal inspiration and use it to give your apartment a bit of a coastal design look? You don’t have to be near the beach to enjoy the beach lifestyle. Use these tips from … [Read more...]