Let Your Dog Bark at Brookhaven Park

Brookhaven Park is a terrific place to take your pooch located near your Atlanta apartments.  Source: morgueFile

When your pooch is tired of taking the same old walk around our neighbor, put a little variety in his routine at Brookhaven Park. With a plenty of space to run, play gammes and expel his boundless energy, your pet will enjoy the change of scenery. There are accommodations in the park for pet lovers and their four-legged pals such as water fountains … [Read more...]

Get In Touch with Your Wild Side at Zoo Atlanta

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! at Zoo Atlanta | Source zooatlanta.org

For a great day trip on a sunny day, you should visit Zoo Atlanta. The zoo offers many exciting attractions and events to keep you entertained all day. One source of excitement at Zoo Atlanta is the opportunity to see babies. In the past, there have been baby kangaroos, baby otters, and baby flamingoes. The zoo has had some very successful mating … [Read more...]

Have a Divine Time at Wild Heaven Brewery

This Decatur brewery is home to beers like Invocation and White Blackbird | Source wildheavencraftbeers.com

In recent years local beers have become quite the popular commodity. Its no surprise either. Beer is delicious, and drinking a beer made in your neighborhood adds an extra bit of flavor to the mix. If you're looking for a fun night out near Decatur, take a trip over to Wild Heaven Brewery Wild Heaven Craft Beers have a simple message. They want to … [Read more...]

Why Choose a Salt Water Pool?

Here are some of the "perks" of having a salt water pool here at your Atlanta luxury apartments.

One of the best perks of living at our lovely The Savoy apartment community is that it has a pool. You will certainly enjoy languishing in the cool water with family and friends during the hottest days of summer, so be sure to check it out. Interestingly, the apartment community's pool is a salt water one. Although this may seem highly unusual, there are … [Read more...]

Go Back in History at the Georgia Renaissance Festival

The Georgia Renaissance Festival is celebrating it's 30th consecutive year starting in April.  Source: Facebook

History lovers living at The Savoy will have a great time at the upcoming Georgia Renaissance Festival. This event will be held between April 18th and June 7th this spring in Fairburn, which is less than 45 minutes from our apartments. This year Faiburn will host the 30th annual Georgia Renaissance Festival. The event is an interactive artistic and … [Read more...]

Celebrate Spring at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Celebrate the dogwoods blooming at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.   Source: Facebook

There are plenty of events in Atlanta that you can enjoy when you live at our lovely The Savoy apartment community. If you want to take part in something really special in a way that allows you to welcome the coming of the much awaited 2015 spring season, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival will certainly be of great interest to you. This year, the Atlanta … [Read more...]

5 Quick Delicious Recipes for Your March Madness Party

Here are 5 fantastic recipes that are sure to be a hit at your March Madness party.  Source: SouthernLiving.com

March Madness is coming up. If you'll be hosting a party at your apartment home at The Savoy, you'll some recipes for great gameday food that will keep your guests satisfied. Consider some of the following recipes... Guacamole-goat cheese toasts- These dainty snacks combine the flavors of guacamole and goat cheese for a victorious … [Read more...]

Have Fun and Get Fit at ILoveKickboxing Atlanta

iLoveKickboxing is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals in 2015. Source: Facebook

Are you looking for a way to cut the boredom from your workout? Head to iLoveKickboxing for a fast, fun workout that will torch fat and improve your stamina. Kickboxing offers a host of benefits for the mind and body, and once you try it, you'll never want to drudge through another treadmill run or boring aerobics class again. iLoveKickboxing is located … [Read more...]

Have a Vibrant Blast at The Color Run

The Shine Tour is bringing the latest Color Run to the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday, March 15.  Source: Facebook

There is so much to look forward to when you live at our lovely Savoy apartment community. If you are looking for great events in Atlanta at which to partake, you are in luck. One of the best upcoming events you can participate in is the Shine Tour. Be sure to pick up your tickets for this event so that you don't miss out. The Shine Tour is a runners' … [Read more...]

Enjoy Mediterranean Cuisine at Aviva by Kameel

Aviva by Kameel boast some of the tastiest Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine found near your Atlanta apartments.  Source: Facebook

If you are in the mood for Mediterranean cuisine, there are some great Atlanta restaurants to try out. One that can't be beat is Aviva by Kameel Mediterranean Grill. This is a popular spot that serves delicious food. With all the positive Yelp reviews, you should definitely check out this restaurant for its authentic flavor. This is one place that lives … [Read more...]