Benefits of Saltwater Pools

Here at The Savoy luxury apartment community, we include a saltwater pool as one of our many great amenities. Such pools around luxury apartments in Atlanta GA have numerous benefits, including health and maintenance benefits. Avoid swimming alone if possible!

The Savoy pool

Enjoy the beautiful, saltwater pool here at The Savoy!

  • Health Benefits: Saltwater pools use, well, salt to keep the pool clean rather than chemicals that sting the eyes and dry out the skin among other unpleasantness.
  • Environmental Benefits: Chlorine pools can end up affecting surrounding grass and vegetation, and are considered way less environmentally-friendly than natural saltwater pools.
  • Maintenance and Cost Benefits: Save time maintaining your saltwater pool by using simple table salt in a salt chlorine generator, which turns regular salt into pool salt. Salt is also much cheaper than chlorine, so over time you will save quite a chunk of cash with a saltwater pool than with a chlorine pool.

Enjoy the benefits of saltwater pools around luxury apartments in Atlanta GA with family and friends!

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